what to be aware of when divorcing your spouse
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what to be aware of when divorcing your spouse

Every marriage is not meant to last forever. No matter what the reasoning behind the divorce, it is important to have legal representation for each side. I almost lost everything because my former spouse said that he was taking care of things and that he would be fair about how the assets were divided. It took several weeks for me to find out what he was up to. It was then that I hired my own attorney and got what I deserved. You should never attempt to go through a divorce without a lawyer working on your side. On my site, I have listed several of the issues that can get overlooked if you are inexperienced with divorce documents and proceedings.


what to be aware of when divorcing your spouse

Could You Be Responsible For A Car Accident If You Were Not Driving?

Joy Johnson

If you are not driving the car at the time of an accident, common sense would tell you that you are not responsible for the damages. But there are actually some situations where you could be found liable for the damages if you were not behind the wheel. Here are 3 situations where that could be possible.

You Loaned Your Car To Somebody

Having somebody else borrow your car in a time of need may seem like the right thing to do, but you could be responsible for the damage that cause in an accident if your friend causes an accident. The various state laws ultimately determine who is responsible, so it is always worth checking with your lawyer about who is on the hook for the damages. As a general rule, if you give somebody permission to use your car, expect to be held responsible for damage that is caused.

The problem with liability is that allowing somebody drive a car is often done by word of mouth, so it can be difficult to prove if you gave permission. Laws are also different when it comes to family members, since there could be implied permission when letting a family member use a car.

Your Car Is Stolen

When a car is stolen, there is usually nothing you could have done about it. In that situation, any damages caused by the thief will not be your responsibility. You could be found responsible if your own carelessness caused your car to be stolen. This includes leaving the car running while you went into a store. Since state laws once again determine what would make you responsible, it's best to always be on the safe side. Keep your windows rolled up, the doors locked, and arm your security system if you have one. There is no reason not to do these things if you are leaving your car unattended.

Your Underage Child Stole Your Car

As a parent, you are ultimately responsible for your child's actions. This includes if they decide to steal your car keys and take your car out for a joy ride. While there could be some sort of punishment given to the child, depending on their age and what laws they broke, know that you will be responsible for any damage they caused with your car. Even if you have insurance, your insurance company may refuse to pay for the damage.

When you find yourself in one of these situations, it is best to work with a lawyer that can help defend you, such as Doehrman Buba.