what to be aware of when divorcing your spouse
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what to be aware of when divorcing your spouse

Every marriage is not meant to last forever. No matter what the reasoning behind the divorce, it is important to have legal representation for each side. I almost lost everything because my former spouse said that he was taking care of things and that he would be fair about how the assets were divided. It took several weeks for me to find out what he was up to. It was then that I hired my own attorney and got what I deserved. You should never attempt to go through a divorce without a lawyer working on your side. On my site, I have listed several of the issues that can get overlooked if you are inexperienced with divorce documents and proceedings.


what to be aware of when divorcing your spouse

Fighting A Wrongful Termination Case? Follow These Four Steps To Significantly Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Joy Johnson

If you feel that you were fired for unjust reasons, it will be very difficult to prove. Most states have a clause that an employer is allowed to fire any employer at anytime and for any reason without notice. States that allow this are called "at will" states. In most cases, you will need to consult with a lawyer so they can properly represent your case. However, because you were just let go from your job, you may not have enough money to pursue the proper defense. There are specific things that are needed for your wrongful termination suit to be successful. Below is a step by step process on how what you need to file your wrongful termination lawsuit.

Document Everything

After you are terminated from your place of employment, write down all of the circumstances surrounding your termination. You want to do this immediately after you are fired so that you don't forget any details. Record the time line of these events. For example, you want to write down what day you were notified you were being let go and the names of people that talked to you about the termination. Be sure to get copies of the paperwork regarding your termination and of the termination notice itself.

Get A Copy Of Your Personal File

Most offices are required to keep a personnel file of all of their employees. This file will contain all communications between you and your employer, recommendations, awards and any previous reprimands if you had any. It will also have comments and concerns documented by your employer or higher authority.

After you are terminated, be sure to get a copy of this file along with any other communication between you and your employer, such as emails and notes. You will also want to take an employee handbook so that your lawyer can see how the company that you worked for operates and what is and isn't allowed.

Locate Pay Stubs

When you are looking to sue an employer for wrongful termination, one of the things you can sue for is lost wages. In order to do this, you need to be able to prove how much you are losing in wages. Your pay stubs will be used to establish how much you are asking for in compensation.

Talk To Other Co-Workers

When filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, you need to prove that your termination was unfair. For example, if your employer claims that you were let go because of an error, speak with other people you worked with to see if any of them have made the same error in the past. If you find a co-worker that had made the same error in the past but did not receive the same consequences, you may have evidence that your termination was wrongful.

Proving a wrongful termination lawsuit is an uphill battle. In most cases, where money permits, it is best to seek out legal counsel, like Timothy P O'Brien. If you are not able to afford a lawyer, the guide above provides the steps necessary in filing the lawsuit on your own.